Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Care

For generations, people with serious heart problems across India have turned to Manipal Heart Institute's cardiologists and surgeons for effective treatment. Today, as part of a leading hospital network, Manipal cardiologists provide comprehensive care of the highest quality, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced treatments known to medicine.

Seamless care across the network: The Manipal Heart Institute integrates state-of- the-art diagnostic and therapeutic services across all Manipal hospital locations. With standardized clinical processes and procedures, patients irrespective of hospital location can experience consistent levels of personalized cardiac care in a modern healthcare environment. The strong referral network assures patients expert care at the most suitable location should there be a need.

Specialists working in collaboration: Specialists across all disciplines of cardiac care - cardiology, cardio thoracic surgery, vascular medicine, radiology and anaesthesia - work collaboratively to provide high quality, comprehensive care to diagnose and treat common and rare cardiac diseases. Good communication channels between specialists at different hospital locations benefits patients by having critical decisions regarding any type of treatment taken rapidly and accurately; thus providing them with quick access to the right specialists.

Knowledge sharing: With shared best practices, research, and training for specialized areas, the Manipal Heart Institute's cardiac team swiftly translates information in to knowledge that can be used for superior treatment, with the goal of saving more lives from heart disease.