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Surgery for congenital heart disease in adults

Congenital heart disease is an abnormality in the formation of the heart involving your heart chambers, heart valves or major blood vessels that is present at birth. Most of them can be cured or improved with surgery.

Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

Adults with congenital heart disease include patients who have been diagnosed for the first time as adults; those who are aware of their condition and are seeking follow-up care; and adults who had corrective surgery as children and now need additional procedures because they have outgrown the repairs they received as children.

The most common congenital heart disorders affecting adults are

  • Congenital valve defects
  • Defects in the walls between the heart's chambers .
  • Patent foramen ovale (PFO) - an incomplete closure after birth in the wall separating the upper chambers of the heart.

Valve repair may involve sewing damaged valve flaps or strengthening the "ring" that holds the valve in place. One of the latest techniques available now-a-days is the Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery, a breakthrough approach to treating heart valve disease. Rather than making a large incision through the breastbone (sternum) to gain access to the heart, this method uses sophisticated instruments to perform the surgery through a smaller incision at the side of the chest.

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